Project outline

MMG submitted its Izok Corridor Project Proposal to the Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) and key authorising agencies in September 2012.

MMG has since advised NIRB that it is undertaking a feasibility study to evaluate alternative engineering opportunities aimed at improving the project economics. This will result in an update to the Project Proposal.

For further information on the review please visit the Izok Corridor page. 


Izok Corridor Project Proposal

Volume 1: Main Document

Section 0              Preface
Section 1              Introduction
Section 2              Preliminary Project Description Part 1
                             Preliminary Project Description Part 2
Section 3              Public Engagement
Section 4              Traditional Knowledge
Section 5              Existing Biophysical Environment
Section 6              Existing Human Environment
Section 7              Potential Project Environmental Effects
Section 8              Potential Project Socio-Economic and Cultural Effects
Section 9              Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment
Section 10            Cumulative and Transboundary Effects
Section 11            Accidents and Malfunctions
Section 12            Environmental Management System
Section 13            References

Volume 2: Appendices




Appendix A         A1: Non-Technical Summary (English)
                           A2: Non-Technical Summary (Inuktitut)
                           A3: Non-Technical Summary (Inuinnaqtun)
Appendix B         B1: NIRB Part 1 Form (English, Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun)
                           B2: Project-Environment Interaction Matrices
                           B3: NIRB Part 2 Form
Appendix C         Representative Site Photos
Appendix D         D1: Part 1  NWB – Type “A” Water Licence Application (Izok Mine, High Lake Mine, Grays Bay Port)
                           D1: Part 2  Minmetals Resources Limited 2011 Annual Report
                           D2: AANDC – Application for Crown Land for the Grays Bay Port
                           D3: KIA – Land Use Permit Application for the Izok Mine Facilities
                           D4: DFO – Application for a Section 35 Fisheries Act Authorization for Izok Lake

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