Local employment

MMG is committed to providing a safe, fair and supportive work environment for its employees and contractor at Kinsevere.

In 2013, Congolese nationals accounted for approximately 95% of the workforce at Kinsevere.[1]

Congolese nationals are employed across the operation and support services, including as managers and superintendents.

As at its other sites, MMG also works to provide skills development opportunities for its local employees at Kinsevere.

All employees receive extensive safety and health training, with additional training and advancement opportunities tailored to each employee’s interest area and business requirements.

Female employees account for about 15% of Kinsevere's workforce.


Case study: Supporting skills development and career advancement


Formal management and supervisory training is supported by coaching and mentoring.

As part of its commitment to provide training and advancement opportunities, MMG supports suitable employees to gain certificate and diploma qualifications in Frontline Management.

Frontline Management is a globally-recognised course which assists people to develop supervisory and leadership skills. The course was first held at Kinsevere in 2011.

In 2013:

  • 26 Congolese nationals graduated with a Certificate in Frontline Management (English-language);
  • Three (3) employees graduated with a Diploma in Frontline Management (English- language); and
  • 25 Congolese nationals were working towards a Certificate in Frontline Management (French-language).

MMG also provides on-the-job coaching and mentoring to assist these employees to apply these skills in the workplace.


Case study: Imelda Kabulo wins Katanga Women's Excellency Award


Imelda Kabulo receiving the 2014 Katanga Women's Excellency Award.

Imelda Kabulo, an administration supervisor at Kinsevere, was awarded the Katanga Women’s Excellency Award by Generation Impact Media in March 2014.

Generation Impact Media, an association of journalists, selected Imelda in recognition of her work to represent and advance the interests of women in the workplace.

Throughout her seven years at Kinsevere, Imelda has advocated for increased female representation within the mine’s workforce. She also founded and was the first president of the Kinsevere Women’s Committee, a collaborative group supporting female employees and contractors.

The number of female employees at Kinsevere as tripled in the past three years – at the end of December 2013, women accounted for approximately 15% of Kinsevere’s workforce[1]

Imelda received the award in the presence of her family and colleagues, with the ceremony broadcast live on TV.


Case study: Investing in the next generation of mining professionals

Kinsevere General Manager Mile Naude and members of the Kinsevere leadership team presenting the first MMG bursaries.

MMG launched a new scholarship program to help support the next generation of mining professionals in Katanga Province during 2013.

The program provides bursaries of US$1000 to ten students studying at the University of Lubumbashi.

The bursaries are awarded to students studying in mining-related fields within the Faculty of Engineering, the Engineering College and the Faculty of Sciences.

New scholarships will be awarded each year.

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