Infrastructure and business development

Infrastructure development

Kinsevere has provided funding for the upgrade and construction of various community buildings and facilities since 2008.

MMG works with local authorities, community representatives and civil society to prioritise infrastructure investment based on long-term benefits and management and maintenance requirements and capacity.

Projects and upgrades funded by Kinsevere include:

  • The construction of five primary schools and upgrades and maintenance to these facilities in partnership with local authorities and civil society;
  • The remediation of four bridges and rehabilitation of the local road network - improvements that help local farmers to access markets in Lubumbashi;
  • The construction and upgrade of the local community health clinic;
  • The construction of various community administration and other facilities;
  • Construction of more than 50 water supply facilities as well as support for ongoing monitoring, maintenance and training; and
  • Funding for the NK Kasapa substation, which is expected to improve power supply to Lubumbashi and surrounding areas.

Medical facility constructed by MMG in a nearby village.

Children using clean water facilities at a local primary school.

MMG completed construction of a new community market in Kilongo, a village near Kinsevere, in 2014.

    Business development

    Through targeted support and training, MMG encourages the establishment of self-sustaining local businesses which also address community needs and preferences.

    Case study: Establishing market gardens

    Local farmers selling market garden crops.

    MMG assisted 153 farmers from 18 local villages to establish self-sustaining vegetable growing businesses in 2012. This assistance included training from Kinsevere’s team of agronomists and providing key inputs, such as seeds, for starter crops.

    The 2012 crops were sold to Kinsevere for use in the site kitchen, generating about US$46,000 of income for local villagers.

    While MMG continued to provide training and business support, local farmers used their own funds to purchase seeds, fertilisers and other inputs for 2013 crops.

    The farmers sold more than 3,100  tonnes of fresh vegetables to Kinsevere in 2013 - generating about US$47,000 of income for local villagers. Similar income was generated by these crops in 2014.

    MMG is continuing to hold training sessions and provide support for local villagers to help ensure the sustainability and growth of these businesses.

    Local farmer tending to market garden crops.
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