March  MMG marks three years since the acquisition of Kinsevere.



Kinsevere produces 69,624 tonnes of copper cathode during 2014.


More than 100 representatives from government authorities, mining companies and power developers and suppliers attend the first Katanga Energy Day. Organised by MMG under the patronage of the Governor of Katanga and Chamber of Mines, the event progressed discussion on solutions to long-term energy security in the region.


MMG enters into an agreement with the DRC's national electricity company, a neighbouring country power provider and another mining operation to import base-load power. This agreement is the first time a private company has been able to import base-load power in the country.


Kinsevere produces 33,550 tonnes of copper cathode during the first half of 2014 - an increase of 3,782 tonnes or 13% compared to the same period in 2013.


 Sustainability highlights


  • Ongoing support for local farmers through Agricultural Assistance Program, including distribution of first seed from seed generation pilot plot and first harvest from aquaculture ponds.

  • Partnered with Waza Alliance for Quality Education to deliver teacher training, provide new learning resources and supply free eye glasses for teachers.

  • Scholarships to about 200 primary school students and commencement of a scholarship program for high-achieving secondary school students.

  • Ongoing support for Community Health Clinic, including building upgrade and for health campaigns.

  • Coordinated human rights awareness campaigns in partnership with local authorities and civil society, focusing on rights of women and children.

  • Significant upgrades to community infrastructure complete.

  • Expanded bursary program supporting students in mining-related fields at the University of Lubumbashi.





Kinsevere produces 62,076 tonnes of copper cathode during 2013 - exceeding nameplate capacity of 60,000 tonnes for the first time during its first full year of MMG ownership. The sustainable ramp up of mining and milling rates and stabilisation of power supply are key to this achievement.


MMG announces divestment of the Motushi copper/cobalt project and an agreement to acquire exploration and mining rights over eight tenements near Kinsevere. The transaction supports the company's strategy to leverage additional value from and extend the life of Kinsevere.


Kinsevere produces 29,768 tonnes of copper cathode during the first half of 2013, 135% more than during the same period in 2012.


 Miles Naude appointed as General Manager of Kinsevere.




 Sustainability highlights


  • Agricultural Assistance Program continues, including distribution of seed and fertiliser to more than 600 eligible local farmers.

  • Continued to support local children to attend school through scholarships, contributions for teachers' salaries and other assistance.

  • Funded upgrades to a local primary school and maintenance at three schools.

  • Installed new water pumps and clean water facilities and conducted maintenance on existing facilities in villages near Kinsevere.

  • Women's health and human rights awareness sessions continue, now reaching more than 700 women from local villages.

  • Delivered road upgrades and constructed new community market.

  • Commenced bursary program in partnership with the University of Lubumbashi to support the next generation of mining professionals in Katanga.




Kinsevere produces 36,048 tonnes of copper cathode during 2012. Operation achieves plant design nameplate capacity on an annualised basis for the first time during the month of December due to production ramp up and stabilised power supply.


Commenced installation of diesel generators to supplement grid-sourced electricity supply. The availability of grid-sourced electricity had been impacted by sudden and unexpected issues with electricity supply in the region.


Compulsory acquisition of remaining Anvil shares completed.


MMG announces that it has acquired 90% of outstanding common shares of Anvil.


 Sustainability highlights


  • Agricultural Assistance Program continues, with more than 580 farmers receiving assistance in 2012 alone.

  • Training and starter kits provided to help more than 150 local farmers establish market garden businesses.

  • Training in water pump maintenance for 110 technicians from local villages.

  • Construction of a new primary school completed.

  • Upgrade of local road network and rehabilitation of important connector bridge.




MMG announces that it had entered into a support agreement with Anvil Mining Limited (Anvil) for a friendly takeover.

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